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Jennifer Dizon is a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness, advocacy and history. As a registered nurse and certified case manager, she coordinates medical care for insurance claims and catastrophic injuries. She is also a legal nurse consultant who dives into medical records to help attorneys understand patients’ course of events. Her clinical background is in neonatal intensive care, cardiac intermediate care and cardiac surgical step down. 

Since being voted as “Best Writer” in her fifth-grade class, she has written poetry and essays in English and Spanish. She has captured the voices of Filipino Americans in oral history projects. Clips from print journalism, her college newspaper and cultural events fill her pre-digital era portfolio. She has previously landed her dream job at a global public relations firm before the market crashed. 

Becoming a nurse has opened the doors to endless opportunities, allowing her to merge experiences in health care and writing. She holds bachelor's degrees in nursing and communication. She is an emerging writer member of the Authors Guild and allied member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. 

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, visiting beaches, standup paddleboarding, dance, yoga, improving her Spanish, researching superfoods and spoiling her chihuahua.

Jennifer Dizon, BSN, BA, RN-WCCM, CCM

Owner and CEO, Sky Nurse Consulting, LLC

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